Be Prepared

With adequate preparation, you can weather any storm. Planning will ensure that you have what you need for your pet in the event that disaster strikes.  Usually, the best plan for you will be the best plan for your dog as well.

Here are some things you can do to prepare for an unforeseen emergency:

Have An Emergency Kit: You will want to ensure that you have enough food, water, and necessary medicine on hand in your emergency kit for up to five days.  Your dog should always wear a collar with his tag (which should include your phone number), and you may want to consider a microchip as well.  You will want to keep vaccination and medical records in a sealed bag.  Have a pet first aid kid, a well-made leash, a sturdy carrier, and some blankets available.  There is a chance that your pet will be housed in the carrier for a long time, so be sure it’s the right size and comfortable.

Lodging Plan: It’s natural to want to bring your pet with you, but due to health and safety concerns, most shelters will not accept your pet unless it’s a service dog.  Think about viable options in your area where your pet could be housed.  These may include veterinarians, boarding facilities, friends, or relatives.  Make a list and contact them now so you have a sense of what your choices will be.  Also, contact hotels in the area you could likely be evacuated to and see if they will accept pets.  If they decline to accept pets, it’s worth asking if they will consider waiving their policies in the event of an emergency.

Keep A Current Photo Of Your Dog With You: In the off chance that your pet becomes separated from you, this could be the most important thing to help others find your pet and for you to prove that the pet belongs to you.  Keep a picture on your phone, as well as a hard copy if you can.

Keep A List Of Instructions For Caring For Your Dog: It would be helpful for others to know about any behavior patterns your dog may exhibit or necessary medications.